Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boycott, day 1

I was excited to make it through day one of our boycot without a hitch. Until, that is, my dear husband reminded me that I only went to work and back. Hmpfh! It seems that his day was a little tougher. I sent him on a post-Halloween shopping mission: Go to Target (easily our favorite place...kind of like Disney World for adults) and check out the clearance costumes. I thought it would be fun to get F a few cute costumes to dress up in. Naturally they were all made in China, with the exception of a Batman costume - and not the cool version with the big fake muscles, but the kinda dorky version made in Canada eh that look more like pj's. Oh well, still a victory.

Next he was off to the children's sunglasses section. F broke his last week and he charmingly reminds me every morning as we drive to school in the blazing sunlight, "Mama - briiiiiiiiiiight! Mama - gasses brokey? Mama - go store new gasses." Persistant and cute, I wonder where he gets that!? Anyway...Marc came home empty handed on that one. He also told me about all the other wonderful post-Halloween bargains that we were missing out on - plastic pumpkins, super cool Spiderman muscle costumes, Halloween themed toy cars and some fuzzy socks with candy corns on them. I gently reminded him that our first step to becoming greener was to "reduce" which was met with sad look and a half hearted nod.

Maybe day 2 will be easier on him.

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