Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday tidbits...

A friend told me about the Green Mommy blog, which I immediately fell in love with. Check it out, as well as her Carnival of Green Mommies.


I spoke with my boss earlier this week about my long (60 mile round trip) daily commute. He agreed to let me work from home on Fridays. Wahooo! That means that I have just cut my commuting carbon emissions by 20%.


I've gone 30 days without buying anything from China. (During the Hanukkah / Christmas shopping season to boot!) People are generally supportive - or at least feign interest - but some have been pretty vocal about the fact that I, personally, am not changing anything. I don't know, I feel pretty good that no 12 year olds in China were forced to work 14 hour days for $0.03 to make anything for me this month.


Here's an interesting article from the Environmental News Network about what may happen during the Olympics in China in 2008. It seems they're experiencing quite the conundrum: on one hand they want to show off how big and modern and powerful they've become. On the other, they know that they'll also be showing off their pollution and presenting a platform for protesters of all shapes and colors. It will be interesting to see what our media chooses to cover when the time comes.

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Steph said...

Kellie, that article on China did bring up a lot of good points, and I hope that they are right that they won't be able to ignore or stop the questions and flow of information out of their country.

Love your blog :)