Sunday, February 17, 2008

Down with ziplock bags!

I put my sewing machine where my mouth is today and made these cute little bags for Fletcher. Every morning he takes a breakfast snack to school and, much to my dismay, insists on "little baggie, momma". (He doesn't quite get what "bad for the environment" means yet.) I try to use them over and over and over again, but it's inevitable that one gets lost or thrown away before its time. Since one of our goals this year is to eliminate ziplock bags from our home, I hit Hobby Lobby for some cute fabric and finally dusted off the sewing machine. I think Fletch will be happy to trade in his plastic ziplocks for these Cars and tractor themed bags.
I feel like we've stalled a bit in our green progress. We've done the easy things - switching to more natural personal, laundry and cleaning products, using cold water in the laundry, forgoing the high-temp wash and heated dry in the dishwasher, etc. We've winterized our house, switched light bulbs and started composting. But these are all things that take a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, or just a one-time effort. It's nothing that really inconveniences us long term. The things that really make a difference are the hardest things to change - like taking mass transit to work, or majorly cutting back on the amount of energy or water we use. These harder changes are what we need to recommit to working on.
Rah-rah-sis-boom-bah goooooooooooooo Browns! (That's me trying to muster up some enthusiasm...)


Angela said...

LOVE your little bags! We use bags like these for our kids snacks each day...We wrap their snack in a cloth napkin first, and then put it in their little bags... So cute. And practical. We love it. I love yours! Adorable!!! My ds would LOVE those fabrics! He is a Cars fanatic...and LOVES tractors, too... anything with wheels! Such a boy! ;) His and his sisters are gingham... I love them...but he'd love yours more!

Gruppie Girl said...

Great bags!

I use similar bags for gifts, but I never thought to use them to hold snacks.

Thanks for the idea!