Monday, February 4, 2008


I'll go ahead and admit to watching Celebrity Apprentice. Please don't hate me! At least they're playing for charity. That makes it better, right? Well last week the show featured Crocs. My 2 year old *loves* his Crocs...and I love them for him. They were the first shoes he could put on all by himself and they are super easy to clean. I personally don't think they should be worn by adults but who am I to judge, I'm the one watching Celebrity Apprentice. Anyway... Croc's has started a program called SolesUnited where one gives back her worn-out or out-grown Crocs and they recycle them into new shoes that they donate to people in need around the world. Loves it!
Consumer Reports, the company you've trusted for years on product reviews, now has a green sister site called Greener Choices that provides reviews on everything from gardening products to cars. They also provide info on what to do with your ewaste, tips on how to reduce your carbon output, and so much more. Take some time to peruse their website.
Considering a career change? Visit and see what's out there for you in the world of "green collar" jobs. According to one article on the site:
Cities across the country are training and hiring green-collar workers for jobs in bio-fuel development, energy-efficient buildings, renewable power and repairing energy-efficient cars.
So instead of planting your behind in a desk chair all day, you could be planting rooftop gardens instead!
Fashion and music are joining forces in February! Tower Records and Kenneth Cole are collecting clothes and shoes for the homeless. Throughout the entire month of February, customers are invited to bring in gently worn shoes or clothing to any Tower Records store (except and Tower Outlet Stores). In appreciation for their donation, customers will receive a 20% discount on non-sale merchandise. From shoes and leather jackets to CDs and DVDs, fashion aficionados and music lovers around the country can value the rewards of being charitable.
Donations go to Help USA, an organization that provides homes, jobs and services for America's homeless.
I've also heard you can use coupon code WMP32 for 20% off at Kenneth Cole...but I haven't tried it....because even at 20% off I can't afford anything there. :)

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