Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ayden's Friends - be one!

My post today is completely off the subject of adoption. I know the readers of this blog have a heart for others though - especially children - so I hope that you'll read this post and consider helping out a sweet little boy named Ayden. Ayden is the son of Tracey, a loving mommy I've come to know over the past year. Here's their story...

"When you are three years old, you should be able to explore every inch of the world around you. You should be able to walk over to your mom to give her a huge bear hug and should be able to jump up to give your dad high fives. However, if you were born with Cerebral Palsy, as Ayden was, these simple pleasures enjoyed by properly developing 3 year olds can be enjoyed only with the assistance of special equipment, costly equipment.

One of these pieces of equipment is called a gait trainer, which Ayden uses at his physical therapy sessions, but the gait trainer belongs to the physical therapy center and must stay there. The freedom that Ayden enjoys at physical therapy sessions is halted at home because the cost of this piece of equipment is too astronomical for hisparents to be able to afford one of their own.

Even though the gait trainer has been recommended by his doctors and therapists as a vital piece of equipment to improve his quality of life, their many requests have been denied by Ayden's insurance. If you grant this wonderful little boy with his gait trainer, you would be truly giving him the whole world and giving him the chance to learn to possibly walk on his own two legs one day."

That letter comes from a great little website that some of Ayden's friends have set up. You can visit the site to read more about Ayden, see what donations have already been made, and to make a donation yourself. Even $1 will help.

I've also set up an ebay listing for one of the gorgeous necklaces that Karen makes for us. Bid with your heart, not with your wallet because ALL of the proceeds go to Ayden's Friends. Winning bidder gets free shipping and lots of love and gratitude from Ayden. Be sure to pass the link on to your friends and let them know what it's for. (Darn that eBay, they only let you raise money for certain charities, so I had to keep the listing kind of vague.)

How can you say no to a smile like this?
(Ayden in the gait trainer he uses at PT. Can you tell he loves it!?)

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