Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's like buttah!

I'm so Martha today. In fact, I might even be more Martha than Martha herself. That, my friends, is home made butter. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it before we used it at Easter dinner....but you get the picture. I used Crunchy Chicken's recipe and it turned out great. I seriously feel like a domestic goddess right now. No more polyunsaturated partially hydrogenated fake spread for my family.
(and did I mention that I got that little butter dish at Goodwill for $0.60?)


Steph said...

Kellie, I'm so impressed! I want to try that out, but I need to know, how hard did you have to shake? I just dont know if my arms could handle that kind of workout right now!

Kellie & Marc said...

I did end up giving it to Marc a couple times so I could take a break, but we realized that I just had too much in the jar. Once I separated it into two batches it was much easier. My mom said that my great grandma used to sit down and do it by rolling it up and down and from side to side over her leg.

Lori said...

That is awesome! I've got to try this!

Bad Human? said...

My fiance and I did this with our kitchenaid and it works great. We have a cow share so we get raw milk delivered each week and now we don't have to buy butter, cream, or buttermilk anymore.


Rose said...

Awesome!!! (Sorry, little behind in blog reading. :) ) Just last week I realized the only safe butter for Claire cost over $7!!! I was trying to decide if it would be cheaper to just make it myself. Now I'll have to try it!