Wednesday, April 23, 2008

100,000 mile diet

I have to give him credit, because my husband really does take the time to look at labels at the grocery store. He's conscientious about how much sugar is in our son's food, if something contains trans fats, or artificial sweetener and he's especially vigilant about getting juice that is actually 100% juice and not filler and flavoring with a just little bit of real juice involved. And I know he was feeling good when he brought home a bottle of Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice the other day. After all, the nice label on the side boasts that "Old Orchard 100% Apple is pure refreshing juice with no preservatives or artificial colors. Made fresh and shipped at the peak of perfection for you to enjoy..." Who doesn't love pure and refreshing? And it's made fresh! (As opposed to after the apples rot I suppose?) But the general fault in this purchase was not reading the much finer print on the other, less appealing, more crowded side of the bottle...

Forget the 100 Mile Diet. I think "Concentrate of Argentina, Chile, China, Poland and the USA" qualifies as the 100,000 Mile Diet. Seriously, this has got to be the most environmentally unfriendly juice in existence! The kicker is that their website boasts their "Sustainability Program". Don't get me wrong, I applaud any company that recycles, uses less/better packaging and tries to find ways to make their product using less energy intensive methods but come on! Am I the only one who sees the elephant in the room? Um, let me try to think of one thing they could add to their sustainability efforts. Hold's coming to me........USE LOCAL APPLES!?!? Shame on them for thinking a pretty one page report on what they're doing FOR the environment will make up for what they're doing TO the environment.

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Rose said...

I so hear you on that! Ever since I started reading labels for C's allergy it's been a real eye opener. Not only where things come from... but what's actually in something "pure refreshing juice with no preservatives or artificial colors". Since when was added malic acid and absorbic acid pure juice? I can guarantee those didn't come from the apples! I also know it's possible to make a bottled apple juice without them (Martineli's).