Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can I confess?

I belong to a super fly mommies group and once in awhile we play this game called "can I confess?" where you confess things that really no one should be admitting to. For example, "Can I confess that last week my son ate chips and salsa for breakfast one morning?" (To my defense a) he gets a second, "real" breakfast when he gets to school and b) last time I checked salsa was made from veggies, right?)


"We" (I write, husband follows orders) started this blog not only to track the greenhabilitation of our lives, but to hold ourselves accountable, and maybe to share some humor here and there too.
The problem - and I know I've said this before - is that we've already done the easy things. We recycle, we bring reusable bags to the store, we've switched to more natural, biodegradable cleaning and personal products, we compost, blah blah blah. We're comfortable doing these things because, well, they're easy. And convenient. But I feel like it's time to step things up a little though and move from a light, minty shade of green to a deeper shade....sage is kinda steps.

So. In the spirit in which this blog was created... I've decided to start a weekly "Can I Confess" post in which I'll admit my crimes against nature and attempt to right my wrongs. Since this is my Greenhab, and you my loyal reader (haha), are my support group, I expect you to hold me accountable. That said...
Can I confess that the cafeteria in my building uses styrofoam containers and I eat there about twice a week?
Hmmm. That was weak. Let me try that again with some accountability.
Can I confess that I guiltily toss out at least 2 styrofoam take-out containers each week? (And I only work in the office 4 days per week.)
Here's the obligatory whiny attempt to justify: (read it in your best teenage "but mooooooom" voice) Sometimes I forget my lunch or don't have anything good to bring from home. And all they have is styrofoam. And no one else brings their own container - that would be SO embarrassing.

Excuses, excuses.

So my goals are:
  • Reduce eating lunch out to one time per week (like I said, baby steps)
  • Bring a reusable container to the cafeteria
  • Find the appropriate time to (gently) suggest to them that they should look into other options besides styrofoam containers
  • Make sure I have options of food to take from home each day (or to leave in the fridge/freezer at work for the week)


Jenny said...

Can I confess that this morning I bought a package of blueberries from New Zealand? (I live in Colorado ...)

Kellie & Marc said...

It feels good to get that out doesn't it!? (ha ha)

Jennifer said...

You inspired me! I'm going to wash my styrofoam container and re-use it a couple times. Everybody is carrying around the containers anyway so I don't think anyone will notice. I always feel guilty eating in our cafeteria for that reason, and have already suggested a switch.