Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Have you ever seen the show Clean Sweep where they show a couple who can't even walk into a certain room anymore because stuff is piled floor to ceiling? Well that was our garage:

That's seriously embarrassing. It was packed floor to ceiling, from the very front to the very back, with junk. Granted, we didn't unpack a LOT of our stuff because we knew we'd be moving in less than a year, but that's still a lot of stuff. And, in my opinion, if we could live without it for a year, we don't really need it anyway. My husband, unfortunately, does not subscribe to that theory. He's the kind of guy that saves everything because "I might need that one day!" I am not even lying when I say that I once found a 10 year old receipt for a HAIR CUT! Not exactly something you can return for a refund.

ANYway... We're trying to get this house up on the market soon so we decided that it was about time to clean out the ol' garage. We started by pulling ev.ry.thing. out:

I do have to say that about 1/4 of the stuff is Marc's school supplies - about 15 boxes of kids books (he feels that school libraries are seriously lacking), boxes of teaching supplies, lesson plans, worksheets, classroom aids, etc.

So... we pull everything out and start going through boxes. We ended up giving a lot to Goodwill, putting some stuff on Freecycle, consolidating a lot of boxes, and trashing just a teeny bit of stuff. I was very pleased that our trash pile was so small because who wants to send a bunch of crap to the landfill, right?

This my friends was the finished product:

Hey that looks like enough room for - ohmygoodness - a CAR! And just because he's cute, I thought I'd include a picture of my darling boy with his favorite find of the day:

Call me obsessive-compulsive (I dare you!) but it really gives me a good feeling to organize and get rid of stuff - a sense of control in an otherwise out of control life. With the uncertainty of the adoption timeline, the uncertainty of when / if this house will sell, how we're going to afford 2 mortgage payments until it does, and so on, it feels good to take some of that frustration out on my clutter (and, well, maybe just a tad on my hubby too since most of it was his stuff). It's very freeing to let things go and just be at peace with the knowledge that one doesn't really need soooo much stuff.


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