Monday, July 21, 2008

I think I need a sponsor.

I guess having a shopping addiction is way better than having, say, a heroin addiction. But jeeeeeeeeeeez, was I jonsing to buy something this weekend.

We are almost done with our 2 month Compact now and we've far exceeded my expectations with only a few small slip-ups (ok, they were more like "screw you's" than slip-ups). On Friday though I stopped at The Evil Place (rhymes with SprawlMart) to grab a few groceries. (Long story....I won't go into the whole explanation of why I went there - or why I boycott the place - right now.) But suffice it to say I walked around like a kid in a candy store thinking "Wow, everything is SO CHEAP here! What can I buy??? What do I need? Why can't I think of anything I need? I want to buy something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I felt like a little consumer alien was going to pop out of my stomach at any minute and go running down the aisles yelling "cheap stuff, yay yay yay, cheap stuff, yay yay yay..."

I practically had to slap myself in the face and high-tail it out of there....for the compact and for my own moral compass. But I made it out with only the few grocery items that were on my list. I think 'Mama's on the Compact' needs to set up a toll free hotline for situations like that.

Other than that episode, I've been debating (with myself - that's not crazy, right?) about gift certificates. You see, I was given a Target gift card for my birthday by a sweet friend (who obviously knows me well, because I love me some Target!). And it was the online kind, so I couldn't go in the store and just buy groceries with it. I actually had to buy something. After much back and forth, I decided that I could use it on something I really needed. So I bought a new shower curtain liner (the fabric kind that won't leach noxious gases each time I take a hot shower) and a new curtain to go with since I left the old curtain at our old house when we moved. I don't know why - it seemed like a good idea at the time. (And because I know you're wondering... That does NOT mean that I haven't showered since we moved. We just have another bathroom with a glass shower in it. I'm not that green!) So I guess I have to post this as punishment since I did buy something new, even if it was with a gift certificate.

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Scrappy_Lady said...

Oh my, I know EXACTLY what you're describing about your experience in *that* store. My word. The same alien seems to take over my mind when I walk in. I've nearly had to drag myself out of there by the scruff of my neck. Sheesh.

Maybe they play thought-suggestive music under their music or something. Man. That place is NUTS.