Friday, July 25, 2008

Well what do YOU wear to compost?

I told Fletch that we were going to dump the compost and this is the outfit he chose: shorts, froggy boots, and his explorer backpack (including water bottle, binoculars, flashlight and shovel) and no shirt "because it's too hot for a shirt momma". Ah, yes.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

dig the boots!

(sorry about the delete) learning my way around here.

I wanted to say, you have inspired us. Dave and I went to the dump today . Normally we have to go weekly, if we dont, we have to make TWO trips to get rid of all our trash. With shmoopyywood so busy latey, we havent gone in THREE WEEKS. Much to our recycling joy, there were 3 bags.
the rest was recycled.

thats one bag a week!!! GO US!

Kellie said...

What-EVER Lisa! :) I think it's US that are inspired by YOU. I'm totally coming to vacation at shmoopywood (uh, once there's water and stuff...). Hope that's okay! hee hee

And great job on the recycling - wow!