Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tree Hugger for President

Last night, watching the 2nd Presidential Debate between Obama and McCain, moderator Tom Brokaw asked a question that I can't quite seem to shake:

"'ll remember, last summer [President Bush] said that 'Wall Street got drunk.' A lot of people now look back and think the federal government got drunk and, in fact, the American consumers got drunk. How would you, as president, try to break those bad habits of too much debt and too much easy credit, specifically, across the board, for this country, not just at the federal level, but as a model for the rest of the country, as well?"

As President (or Presidential Candidate), you can't really say "Stop spending money on shit you can't afford people! You don't need all this junk anyway!"

It's a good thing I'm not running for President.

But seriously. The President is expected to find ways to stimulate growth within our economy. If he doesn't do that, he is seen as a failure (in that area). So how can he grow the economy and concurrently promote sustainability?

Do you ever think we'll hear a President say "Stop wasting all your money on cheap plastic that end up in the landfill!"

Or, "Why are you spending so much money on cleaning products when you can make them yourself at home?"

Or how about, "Come on people - you can get FREE water right from your tap!"

I guess the Pres has to stick to promoting only green things that will make the country money - like alternative energy and hybrid cars. These are good things, of course, but money-makers all the same. I think I just find it a shame that he (whomever "he" ends up being) can't just tell people to stop wasting their hard earned dollars on stuff that's not really necessary and to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. Because that's not what our society is based on.


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Green Me said...

I mostly missed that part, as I was putting baby to bed. However, I was impressed that when asked by the 78 year old lady, what Americans will have to sacrifice in the coming years, Obama said energy usage. Perhaps he was not as hard core as we would have liked, but he has to do that to keep moderates and others happy. Just finished reading the Audacity of Hope and he has some very good ideas on energy and building an economy that is not based on a disposable lifestyle.