Monday, March 30, 2009

100% Reclaimed Handrail

While I worked on the basement playroom this weekend, the boys made a new handrail for the stairs from our driveway down to our house. We have a barn on our property that was used for horses at one time. It had two stalls, with beautiful logs separating them. Since we won't be keeping horses any time soon, we decided to remove the divider and use the barn as a workshop instead. Super Uncle carefully removed the logs and each and every spike used to hold them in place.

When it came time to do something about this rickety old handrail...

...we decided to use the logs from the barn to build a new one, and even used the old spikes to hold it together.
They (and I) were very impressed with the final result. I think it's much more befitting of a little house in the mountains.

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