Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little gifts ~ Photo Envelope

Whew, July is a busy month! I'm stressing that there are still 8 more birthdays this month and I'm *really* trying to make all of the gifts, some of which have to be mailed out of state.

Both of our moms have birthdays around the 4th. As part of their gifts I gave them some of the family photos that we just had done (see our other blog for more photos!) in a little cloth photo envelope. This way they can carry them around in their purses and show everyone they meet...'cause that's how grandmas roll.

This was a great project for some of the smaller fabric scraps I'd been saving!

This one was for my mom, made from some of the same fabric I used to make her a little wallet for Christmas...

This one was for MIL who likes brighter colors...

And I made a few out of this fabric (actually an "upcycled" skirt) that I love. One is in my Etsy shop!

I think these are perfect for anyone who carries photos around to show - moms, grandmas, aunties, brides, those showing off a new house...anything. They're great for when you want to give someone a little gift to show you care.

I can't wait to try some in felted wool (a la Betz White) with a pretty little applique on the front. Of course, that will come after all of the July birthdays and the bazillion other projects I have in my queue. I did received Betz' book Sewing Green for my birthday (yay for not-so-subtle hints!) so I have all sorts of ideas lined up. Hmmm...maybe I should have asked for more time as a gift instead.


MomP said...

This proud grandmother showed everyone at church her gorgeous family with those great photos! While everyone was impressed with the photos, they ALSO loved the photo purse! I'll have to order several myself for gifts!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I love these! I checked out your etsy shop and will return there to buy some gifts this summer!

Jess said...

I love these! Did you find a pattern somewhere, or just dream it up? I would love to make some with some of my extra scraps around here.