Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Party Planning - WWYD?

Fletcher's birthday party is this weekend and we're planning a BBQ outside with some of his friends. They'll be going on a treasure hunt on our property, so we're sort of going with an "explorer" theme I guess you could say.

Instead of the typical party favors, we bought the kids aluminum water bottles that they can decorate, and some binoculars. We'll be doing pitchers of water, lemonade and tea, instead of bottled water or soda. We're trying to stay away from the usual waste that is created during kids' parties and make it as eco-friendly as possible.

The problem I'm running into is dishes. Since the party will be outside, and there will be children, I'm hesitant to use real plates and glasses. The kitchen is on the other side of the house, so it's not convenient to run dishes back and forth. Not to mention I really don't even have enough dishes for everyone, so it's not actually an option anyway.

So.... Would you go with paper plates that have a chance of actually biodegrading? I guess I could attempt to compost them, although that's a lot of paper to compost. Or would you perhaps buy plastic plates that can be used again and again over the years, but will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere? I hate buying plastic on purpose, so I'm really leaning away from that option. What about cups? Utensils?

Maybe I'll hit Whole Foods tomorrow and see if they have any compostable items.

I'm open to suggestions!


simplesavvy said...

Phew -- all those options to go through! If you're going with compostable plates, make sure to research which ones can and can't be composted at home. A lot of thosecompostable products need the high temperatures of a commercial composter in order to break down completely. But if you find a place near you that accepts those, I'd go with the compostable stuff. Findacomposter.com should get you somewhere!

Andrea said...

We bought the Preserve plates and utensils and cups for this very purpose. I love them!