Friday, August 14, 2009

Options for green (ish) swag

I've been putting this post off for awhile since it didn't seem relevant to my life any more. A company called Forte Promotions contacted me awhile back about reviewing some of their eco-friendly swag, er, "promotional products".

At the time, I was still working a corporate job where I had to attend conferences several times each year, handing out plastic junk to hundreds of people that came by. Fun. I tried to move the company from plastic pens and staplers to mint tins and notebooks. There aren't really that many green options when you're talking affordable swag.

Since being contacted by Forte at the beginning of the summer, I took a leave from said corporate job, then made the decision not to go back at all. I'm having too much fun working from home for iVillage and spending time with the kids.

I'm sure if you've read many green blogs in the past few weeks, you know that the talk of the cyber town has been Blogher '09 and the amount of swag that was present there. Since that seems to be a hot topic of late, I decided to go ahead and put up this post now.

I don't necessarily think handing out tons of product that claims to be "green"-- instead of tons of plastic stuff -- is the answer, but I know companies aren't going to stop handing out swag altogether. Thus, I'd rather see some things that are a little less harmful to the planet than, say, a Michelin Man keychain.

Forte offers a variety of slightly more eco-friendly promotional products like the bamboo USB flash drive and recycled insulated lunch bag (both pictured above). I like the tag on the inside of the lunch tote. It reads:

Made with 100%
Recycled Materials.

Yesterday's Discarded Water
Bottles and Food Containers.
Except for some things like zippers and grommets,
but we're working on it!

It's actually a cool little bag and there aren't any zippers or grommets on it so, besides the velcro, it seems to be all recycled materials. Definitely swag I'd take home with me!

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