Saturday, September 19, 2009

On an "abenture"

Fall is in the air and the aspen trees are already beginning to turn yellow up here at 8500 feet. Today is such a beautiful day - sunny, but not hot, with a faint breeze, and bright blue skies. We took the kids on a hike this morning on our property...or an "abenture" as Fletcher says. Here he is with some sort of animal spine that we found. Ah, the life of being mom to a boy!

I set the kids up with garbage bags before we left in case we ran across any trash on our hike. I noticed a few days ago that a bear had evidently gotten into our neighbor's trash and dragged a bag of it onto the back side of our property. I had a feeling no one else was going to bother to clean it up. Sigh.

Mr. Felix was a trooper. He walked about half way, but needed a little lift.

Here we are cleaning up the neighbor's trash. And it's true, you really can learn a lot about someone by looking through their trash. Now we know that our neighbors are gamblers with heartburn, probably from all of the potato chips and chicken pot pie they eat. They also really need to start recycling.

We found a lot of trash: beer cans, water and soda bottles, some wayward styrofoam peanuts, wrappers, cardboard and, most of all, plastic bags of every kind - grocery bags, newspaper bags, bread bags, bags for wood chips and potting soil and just about anything else you could imagine.

It reminded me that it's great to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store, but that we need to be vigilant about avoiding the other types of bags we accept - whether it's for your Sunday paper or a bag of pasta.

And speaking of plastic bags, here we are at the end of our adventure with all the trash we collected. It feels a bit hypocritical to talk smack about plastic bags, then load all of our trash into them. Maybe that's something we need to think about soon.

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