Monday, December 14, 2009

We buy your used electronics!

You've heard those "We buy your gold jewelry!" commercials on tv and radio? Now there's a company that buys your unwanted electronic devices. will buy your used or damaged iPhone, BlackBerry, xbox, MacBook and (much) more. They fix them up, wipe all personal information, then resell them. If the electronic is damaged, they use it for parts. Electronics more than 5 years old aren't very usable, since they're not exactly in demand, but the company will take them anyway and ensure they're properly disposed of.

All you have to do is mail your device to the company (they will even pick up the tab for shipping) and, if they find it to have value, they send you a check, pay you via PayPal, or donate the money to your favorite charity.

Of course you can always donate your old, but working, cell phone to a good cause like a battered women's shelter, but I think that this is an excellent option for the iPhone you dropped or the PlayStation that doesn't quite seem to work properly after your kids swung it around by the cord.

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