Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earth Day in Evergreen

After a morning of gray clouds and drizzle yesterday, we suited up in our winter gear to head to the Mountain Area Earth Day Fair. We've lived here for two years now and I've been thinking for awhile about getting more involved in the community, specifically with some of the "green" groups I've learned about recently.

Macy has been asking to join Daisy Scouts lately, so I was thrilled to learn about Green Scouts whose mission is "Educating the community to be action-oriented environmental leaders, providing green solutions for today and for a safer tomorrow." While I loved being a girl scout as a kid, I feel as though a program like this is really in line with our values and what we want to teach the kids. I hope that it grows into something amazing.

Right now there is no active Green Scouts program in Colorado, but the folks I met yesterday are currently applying for funding to start one. Once they're up and running here in Evergreen they can branch out to other areas of the state. Marc and I both signed up to volunteer with the group.

The local chapter also had a booth at the fair, so we were able to meet some of the members and sign up for their mailing / event list. They're fairly new here so it will be interesting to see what they do in the community.

Another new organization in our community is Evergreen Alliance for Sustainability & You (EASY). Membership and projects in this group seem to overlap with the Green Scouts, both of which are dedicated to bringing a community garden to our area. This would be an excellent alternative for us since our garden -- last year at least -- was completely consumed by deer, elk, bears and rabbits.

Finally we found the Nature Nuts, who provide environmental education programs to the "young and young at heart". They offer children the opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge about the natural world around them through fun and interactive outdoor education experiences. Felix is having fun learning letters right now, so the Alphabet Nature Hike is right up his alley.

The kids planted daisy seeds at one of the Montessori school booths and Marc was able to get some information on a solar water heater. Best of all, we won a Kindle in a drawing! Marc just started back to school to get his principal's license, so he's had his eye on the Kindle so he can take the course's ebooks with him everywhere. What a nice surprise that was.

I'm so glad that we didn't let the inclement weather keep us home.

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