Friday, October 1, 2010

We love pot

My mother in law gave me a pot maker today, which I thought was very funny. She was shopping at the local thrift store and saw POT in big letters so she had to take a closer look.

It's not exactly what she thought. It actually makes little paper pots for growing seeds inside. This will be great for next spring when we start our seeds.

I was thinking of starting little pots of herbs and giving them to the teachers at school for Christmas. Maybe wrapped in sheet music instead of newspaper. Wouldn't that be sweet?

I love people with a sense of humor.

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Rebecca Jean said...

Boy, it's such a small world. Two posts on Pot Makers within days of each other. You have to go check out this post by Cathe Holden.

She is using hers to make all kinds of cute stuff. I think you'll be inspired. I certainly was! So much so that I plan on doing a post about it for the Green Phone Booth's Meaningful Memories.

Have fun with yours!

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac