Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Photos

A few random Christmas photos to share. Well, I guess they're not that random...they are all holiday-related. Some I just didn't have time to post about before the "big day".

I stopped at the thrift store a few days before Christmas where they had all of the Christmas stuff 50% off. I got two of these sparkly trees for $3 each!

Marc and I stayed up very late on Christmas Eve to wrap gifts. I did try to make them all pretty and unique, but admit to resorting to some old gift bags around midnight. (They were well loved / previously used bags.)

My mom totally out-did me with the gifts she gave me for Christmas~

This is the bag that Marc gave me my gift in. It's sort of our family Christmas joke now...

This was our gift to ourselves this year. A wood burning insert for our fireplace. Our house runs solely on electric, no gas, and the bills can get up to $650 during the winter months. It's just not environmentally or financially sustainable. Since the fireplace is huge and actually creates more of a draft than any actual heat, we decided that a wood-burning insert would be a good solution and good for resale value as well. Marc assures me it won't look so teeny-tiny once we get the face plate contraption on. If it gets the temperature in our house above 58 degrees I'll be happy.

And this photo just cracks me up. Fletcher got a new hat and gloves in his Christmas stocking. While I was making coffee I saw him sneak up out of the corner of my eye to steal daddy's candy. Evidently we watch too many burglar movies???

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


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