Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nature's little helpers

With our new birdhouses in place (see yesterday's post) I was feeling a little guilty for ruining all the hard work the birds had done on their nests this Spring. The blog Chalk in My Pocket had a great idea for a DIY Nesting Materials Dispenser, so we used it as a craft project for the afternoon.

We followed her advice and checked out The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman from our library. It gave us several good ideas for nesting materials.

We gathered our bags - mesh potato bags I'd been saving for someday.

And set out on a hunt for nesting materials.

In addition to natural materials like pine needles and leaves, we used some other things that were recommended on All About Birds like stuffing from an old pillow, hair (I had just trimmed my layers up a bit), ribbon in 4 - 6 inch pieces, and dryer lint.

After stuffing our bags, we hung them outside for the birds to see.

I hope they enjoy creating their new nests!

If you're doing any summer reading programs like we are, this is a great little project for the kids. They get in some reading, time outside to hunt for materials, and creative time as well.


Dmarie said...

so, I see I'm not the only one who can't seem to throw away those bags!! :-D

Green Bean said...

What a great idea! I think we are too late in the season for nesting here but I'll have to keep this project in mind for next year.