Monday, August 1, 2011

Repurposing thrift store finds...

My local thrift store is always a little treasure trove of goodies that I don't really need, but buy anyway. On Friday, I found two lotus bowls to go with my growing collection, gorgeous green pillow shams that don't actually match any bedding in our house, a glass jar, and some vintage Ovenex loaf pans.

I loved the texture of these Ovenex pans and thought they might make a nice centerpiece for our table with candles in them.

I put floral foam in the bottom and stuck the candles in, then covered it with moss. I'm not sure I love them yet.

The third one is in my craft room holding my markers. The other two will probably end up there as well, once I tire of these candles. They'd be pretty with votives and pebbles too. I think the tall candles are what's bugging me.

This jar is another thrift store find. I'd love to have a bunch of them, filled with candles, to use on the deck when entertaining.

But, since I only have one, I decided to go a completely different direction and plant some runners in it...

The nice thing is that you can tear these projects apart in less than a minute and do something completely different. Just my style.


Joy said...

I love those pans! ( I can smell the warm loaves of banana nut bread or pumpkin chocolate chip loaf!) I can imagine them with green mossy moss around the candles, for contrast.
You should have a T.V. show!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

The bread pans would be darling w/ wheat grass in the spring!!