Monday, September 5, 2011

Spray Paint & Mod Podge Make Everything Better

I've tried to give this CD holder to Goodwill at least ten times over the past ten years of my marriage to Mr. Cheap. It doesn't fit anywhere, or "go" with our decor, or even fit CDs in their cases! Every time I put it in the Goodwill pile though, it magically makes its way back into my house. Since it seems to have some mystical boomerang properties, I decided that I might as well transform it to some I like a bit more.

Enter three of my favorite craft items: Mod Podge, spray paint, and scrapbook paper.

The easiest way to transform something - in my opinion - is to spray paint it white. Or just paint it, but spray painting is so much quicker and easier. For this, I removed the hardware and spray painted both the box and the hardware.

Then I clipped my scrapbook paper, painted the back of it with Mod Podge and applied it to the front of the box.

I reattached the hardware and was good to go!

It's now in an area that I'm trying to transform from a nook in our loft (that normally just collects junk) to a workspace.


About Vintage French Hen said...

This is so cute! So Shabby Chic...I need to try this on my own CD holder. thanks for the clever idea! Marcia

Linda said...

Great idea! I have a larger cabinet that may just get the same treatment.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Dear Sweet Home said...

Very cute! ~Kim

Evie said...

That's just it!

Thanks for visiting today! :)

evie @ brown paper packages

Mod Podge Amy said...

How fun! That turned out so great!!

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