Sunday, November 27, 2011

#Giveaway: Ethiopian Coffee Pack From World Vision!

If you're still on the hunt for some meaningful holiday gifts, I have a great resource - and giveaway! - for you today: The World Vision Gift Catalog.

World Vision is a humanitarian organization serving children, families and communities in 100 countries around the world. Their gift catalog, which can also be found online, has almost 250 items ranging from $16 to $39,000 that help children and families in need, including:

Two chickens that provide a daily supply of eggs (with plenty of protein and 13 essential vitamins and minerals) - $25

Feed a family in the US for a day with a Family Food Kit which includes nutritious meals like oatmeal, lentil soup or pasta, and a bean and rice casserole - $16

Ten fruit trees such as apple trees, orange trees, and mango trees provide the vitamins and nutrients growing kids need - $60

In addition to the items above, World Vision offers several Maximum Impact Fund gifts that help answer specific, urgent needs of children and families that might otherwise go unmet. One such gift is the Fair-Trade Coffee Set which includes coffee from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Costa Rica blended by delivered in a bag of African fabric hand-sewn by local women. It is accompanied by a hand-carved olivewood scoop made to benefit over 200 orphans of the Kamba tribe.

Because Ethiopia is very near and dear to our hearts, our family hopes you'll consider making this gift your first choice for all of the coffee drinkers on your list. If coffee isn't really your first choice, we understand. Watch this quick video and see other ways that you can help through World Vision...

And because World Vision is so amazing, they've asked me to do a giveaway of one Fair-Trade Coffee Set! There are multiple ways to win. You can pick one or all of these. Just leave a comment for each one that you do.

1. Watch the video above. Let me know you did.
2. Share the video via Facebook and/or Twitter.
3. Share this post (via the email button below) with friends who might like to win!
4. "Like" World Vision on Facebook.
5. Follow World Vision on Twitter.
6. "Like" World Vision's The True Spirit of Christmas page on Facebook.

Let's use our holiday buying power for good this year!

Please check back next Saturday, December 3rd to see if you've won, or leave me a way to contact you. Good luck!


Crymsin Lilly said...

Hi Kellie!

I've shared the World Vision information via options ... Um... looks like you have 3 and 4 reversed and 4 is there twice... Anyway, I've done all but Twitter since I don't use Twitter at all. This is a wonderful cause! I really do wish that there were more charities that focus on the homeless and hungry here in the US (for example, I'm donating items to the Occupy Portland group here in Oregon because I believe in what they're doing) but World Vision is definitely worth supporting as well.

Lori said...

I did 1,4, and 6. If I am feeling tech savvy I will do more tomorrow. This looks awesome!!

Kellie said...

Testing... Several people have said that they're having a problem leaving a comment. Please feel free to email me at kellie (at) mysocalledgreenlife (dot) com if you are unable to leave a comment!

Bridget said...

Hey! You rock! :) #1- check!

peace love and rainbows said...

liked world vision on facebook (gidgetnfroggi)

peace love and rainbows said...

watched the video

peace love and rainbows said...

liked world vision on twitter

peace love and rainbows said...

liked the true spirit of christmas on facebook

love your blog!!!