Thursday, November 10, 2011

#Giveaway Thursday: Ingredients documentary on DVD

Are you a proponent of the local food movement? Or perhaps you'd like to encourage a friend or loved one to eat locally-grown seasonal foods? The documentary Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root will make a great gift for yourself or someone near and dear to you.

With the world's population recently reaching 7 billion people, it's no secret that change must be made to our already-failing industrialized food system.

Cases of diabetes in our country are rising rapidly among adults and children. Our lifespan is expected to be shorter than past generations. Our overly processed, genetically modified, shipped-from-halfway-around-the-world food is killing us and the environment.

Ingredients seeks to reconnect viewers with their food, where it comes from and the people who grow it by introducing them to chefs and farmers around the nation who are working together to take local, sustainable food from farm to table.

Win a copy of Ingredients by leaving a comment here. I love a good documentary, so let me know about one you've seen - on any topic - and loved. A winner will be picked next Thursday, November 17th. Good luck!


Mackin-Art said...

Our food system is broken, but there are no easy or universal answers to fix it - I'd love to see the options offered by this film.

My favorite documentary is "Ice Bridge", which is local for me, it explores what life is like living on a small island in northern Michigan where cars are prohibitied - my home on Mackinac Island. It is just so well done and answers the questions for those who will never experience such a lifestyle.

DramaMama said...

I'm curious to see this film...and the one the previous commenter mentioned! I'm in SE WI and we used to go up to Mackinac Island a lot when I was little. But back to documentaries I've seen - not many! Food Inc, of course and Supersize Me, which I watched when I was pregnant and it made me hungry!! Is that bad? LOL I wish I could see more of Joel Salatin, there wasn't enough of him in Food Inc if you ask me. I have some documentaries on my list that I would LIKE to see - there's one called Flow and another about trees being planted around the world, I forgot the title...if only I had more time to watch! Can't wait until my kids get a little older and we can watch together =)

Heather said...

I heard about this documentary and have been dying to see it. I love DIRT! the documentary that is. If yo havent seen it you should give it a try.

Kellie said...

@Mackin-Art - Ice Bridge sounds interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks!

@DramaMama - I read "Everything I Want to do Is Illegal" by Salatin and thought it was full of good ideas. (But honestly he came off as kind of know-it-all-ish which made it hard to get through.) Still an incredibly insightful guy!

@Heather - I have to put Dirt on my list!

Beth said...

This sounds like a really interesting documentary! I went to a conference last week and listened to a presentation about living in the "kidney stone belt" and how to oxalates in our diet make NC a very likely place to develop kidney stones.

PottingSoil would be my indian name, but given that I am of whiteman heritage, my parents named me Anna. said...

Kellie. There is a book out, and I can't remember the name of it. Ill have to find it. The lady who wrote it followed food from farm to table, and documented the experience. It was really interesting, she kept the experience regional. I was impressed by Salatin, in Michael Pollan's book. But the interview he did in Food Inc was disappointing. My mind is blah this evening, I did 6 hours of research for work today and now I am useless.