Saturday, November 19, 2011

Green the Season With Global Girlfriend

Global Girlfriend has been one of my favorite sources for gifts over the past few years. Started in 2003 by a woman with a vision, the company helps women in need in countries all over the world...
In 2003, Global Girlfriend founder Stacey Edgar had a $2,000 tax return and a deep desire to help provide economic security for women in need. She knew that of the 1.3 billion people living on less than $1 per day, seventy percent are women. What she didn't have was a business plan. Or a passport. But that didn't stop her from creating a socially conscious business that has helped poor women in five continents feed their families and send their children to school. Global Girlfriend has since grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise that specializes in handmade, fairly traded, eco-conscious apparel, accessories, and items made by women all over the world. Global Girlfriends is Stacey's inspiring story of following her convictions, as well as her passionate argument for simple actions we can all take to eliminate extreme poverty. Stacey Edgar refused to be paralyzed by the size of world poverty; she started by taking several small steps, personal responsibility firmly in hand, and never looked back. {source}
You can buy a copy of Stacey's book, Global Girlfriends, and support her mission, or choose from thousands of amazing eco-friendly, organic, fair trade products on the site. Here are a few of my faves that I wouldn't mind seeing under my tree this year. {ahem}

"A pocketful of pretty! Handsewn in Kampala, our soft and stretchy skirt is made of 100% organic cotton. Made by seamstresses who found themselves living in poverty when the government closed down their factories -- your purchase offers them new hope for the future."

Wouldn't this skirt (in, say, a  medium, brown) go with everything? I can see wearing it all summer, plus with boots and tights in the winter.

"Our leather bracelets are made by the women artisans of the Sapia fair trade group in Colombia. They're a perfect gesture of friendship, or a reminder to yourself to dream big and follow through!"

Wouldn't this be a fun stocking stuffer for the guys in your life?
"Finding value in seemingly valueless materials, the makers of these innovative bags pride themselves on low-energy recycling solutions for the countless drink packets discarded everywhere around Ghana. Due to its ubiquitous presence and indiscriminate disposal in the streets of Ghana, the plastic sachet is recognized regionally as a potent symbol of the solid waste problems faced by the nation. The millions of discarded plastic sachets that are collected by the Trashy Bags group are triple-washed, disinfected, then dried before being turned into durable and eye-catching bags."

I love the Black Cherry version of this candle. I saw something similar at a craft fair last weekend for twice the price!
"Old Boylan Bottling Company soda bottles have been cut in half and transformed into candle jars, creating quirky home additions that catch the eye and charm the soul. Another bonus -- after serving as a home for your candles, these tumblers can be washed and used as glassware. Soy wax burns more cleanly, and at a cooler temperature than paraffin wax, so candles last longer. The candles are produced by women involved with Bright Endeavors, a nonprofit social enterprise that helps inner-city and at-risk women gain the skills needed to make a living and become self-sufficient."

I love the colors on these. What a great gift for someone who takes her lunch to go.
"Crafted with hand-printed Ugandan waxcloth, each bag is a unique work of art. And because it's handmade by women artisans in Uganda, your purchase helps to improve their lives -- as well as those of their families and community."

There are some great deals to be had on the Sale section of Global Girlfriend's site too. You can stock up on gifts for everyone on your list.

The very best part of Global Girlfriend's site though, is their Gifts That Give More area. There you can choose from hundreds of ways to donate directly to the causes you support, from helping shelter dogs, to donating clean birthing kids to women in Africa, to fighting breast cancer, to helping homeless veterans.

I hope you'll stop by their Global Girlfriend today and see how you can lend support!


elnorac said...

So glad you posted about this, Kellie! Will go to the site, as it looks like a great one for Christmas gifts, especially for my very eco conscious nieces.

Julie Artz said...

I love this--it's like Kiva for conscious shoppers!

Kellie, I just nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award ( because I always enjoy your posts!