Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homemade Butterfinger Bars...yum

Tis the season for cookie exchanges! Macy's brownie troop is hosting one tomorrow afternoon and I've been heming and hawing over what to bring. Baking is not my forte, but I needed to redeem myself after last year's lame store-bought mix chocolate chip cookies.

This year I had to step up my game. I'm hoping these homemade Butterfinger bars I found on the blog Making Memories are a hit. They have three ingredients: candy corn and peanut butter (in equal parts, melted together, then cooled) covered in chocolate. Now, before you turn your nose up at candy corn melted with peanut butter, I have to tell you that I was equally skeptical. It really does taste just like a Butterfinger bar though.

Instead of making them in bar form, I used my mini muffin pan to make bite-sized pieces. They're a little sloppy looking, but they were my first batch. C'est la vie!

Try it. You'll be amazed!


Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Sounds yummy to me!

Joy said...

They sound YUMMY to me! Let's have some together!

Erin said...

So glad you liked them! And genius to make them in your muffin pan! I'm going to do that next time. Thanks And thanks for linking back to me =o)