Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#Upcycle: DIY Mercury Glass Jars

I pinned this DIY Mercury Glass tutorial from iVillage way back in the summertime as a reminder to try it out one day. Little did I realize "one day" would be five months later! The timing is perfect though, because it's just not Christmas without a house full of mercury glass.

If you haven't tried DIY mercury glass, the technique is beyond simple! I raided our recycle bin at home for glass spaghetti sauce jars to use as vases. You can use glass candlesticks, votive holders, an old lamp - anything your heart desires. {Confession: I actually pulled two of those organic juice bottles from the big dumpster at the recycling center.}

Clean your surface, remove any labels or glue. Spray the surface with water in a spray bottle, then spray on your spray paint. iVillage recommends Krylon's Looking Glass Spray Paint. Unfortunately, it was no where to be found in my teeny little town, so I had to use an alternative. Next time I get down to the "big city" of Denver I'll be hunting down the Krylon, for sure.

These little vases turned out very sweet regardless. They're much splotchier (?) up close, which I think makes them look more authentic.

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Update: Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint definitely works better for that mercury glass look! I finally found some at Hobby Lobby and used it to cover these little votive holders.

I'm planning to put on one more coat, but I had to put them out tonight for Hanukkah! I filled them with white beans, which you can see through the glass, and just popped the candles in. It's my DIY Shiksa Menorah.


jen said...
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Kellie Brown said...

Found some at Hobby Lobby today. It's in a locked case with their spray paint. Trying it out on a project tomorrow!!

jen said...

i don't think we have any hobby lobbies here where i am :[

jen said...
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sandrea said...

I found it at Wal-mart!!