Friday, May 25, 2012

Collecting frames

I've been pouring over design blogs lately, looking for new ideas and inspiration. I've never been drawn to gold - jewelry or otherwise - but lately I find myself admiring clusters of frames in gold and silver, so I decided to give it a shot in our entryway.

We don't have a proper entry, rather you enter into one big room that contains our dining room, living room and kitchen. It typically looks like this (but with more junk). The old Pottery Barn mirror box on the wall holds keys and sunglasses and the Mister's hats and accessories are dumped into the bin below it. I've never been quite happy with it in this house. It just looks too small, out of place and off center too.

With our new sideboard just a few feet away, the Mister can now stash his accessories - I mean "man stuff" - in one of the drawers.

For our keys, I disassembled a shadow box frame, painted it silver with Rub & Buff and added a gold-ish Martha Stewart glaze over it. Then I put a few hooks into the frame for keys.

The frame below it was a small painting which I defaced with chalkboard paint. I leave little love notes for my sweetie on it. There are a few other small frames and a hook where the Mister can hang his hat.

My teeny tiny bench is looking too teeny tiny there now. What would you put there instead? I tried a chippy black stool, which the Mister loved thought was brilliant for putting on his shoes in the morning, but there wasn't enough room for the door to open completely. Back to the Thrift to find something new I guess!

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Joy said...

LOVE the newest look there in the entryway Kellie!

Below your pretty frame collection and above the bench, try a long, horizontal coat rail, (4 or 5 hooks), and hang your fav straw, "going to market" basket from it, above the bench. In the winter the short family members can hang their coats! Uncle Paul handyman could construct it in minutes!